Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Characters in Motion

Our characters are starting to come to life. Please read this brief introduction about the book.

"Everyone Has Hope" finds a teddy bear named Clarington that loses his best friend Hope and needs to depend on his rest of his teddy bear family - Denzie, CJ, and Rossi to help him overcome his sadiness. Clarington realizes that he must rely on friendship, faith, and , love to be strong again. Through the story, Clarington ponders how his life was, how his life is, and how his life will be. Clarington realizes that together everyone is better.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Update to Artwork - Clarington Bear

Cole has done some updating to Clarington's face. Check him out. Have a great night.

Rossi Bear - The Bear of Friendship

We have begun production stages of the Rossi Bear - The Bear of Friendship. His prototype will be completed this week in the Teddy Bear Adoption Center.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Denzie Bear is Almost Ready

She is the Bear of Love. Her other family members will be born in the Teddy Adoption Center very soon. Thanks, Jason

Beginning Production Stage on the Teddy Bears of Friendship, Faith, and Love

The yellow Bear is named Denzie and the green Bear is named CJ. The art and toy final versions will be available soon. Please check back.

Our Characters Are Coming to Life

We would like to introduce you to Clarington Bear. He will be further developed. Thanks to Cole the book's illustrator for bringing him to life.